Pyrotex is a leader in the development and manufacture of superior pyrotechnic simulators and special effects. The use of pyrotechnic simulators in training can create live battle environments, which will guarantee readiness when the trainee will encounter with battlefield reality. Our products are specifically designed to meet the demands of tactical simulation solutions required by worldwide armed forces and law enforcement units. We use only top quality materials and the highest specification manufacturing techniques.

Our products are very cost effective and easy to use, and have a 4 year minimum shelf life. Our range of products include advanced training grenades, flash-bang units, smoke units, gunfire simulators and high altitude AA missile simulators.

​​​​​​​These can be used on the training range as well as in military urban terrain training facilities. With a team of experts including engineers and designers, our mission is to give you the ultimate pyrotechnic simulation abilities.

​​​​​​​In addition, we manufacture a large range of flares, signals and general pyrotechnics for signaling and rescue purposes.
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